YCS Spring Book Fair Has Begun!

YCS is thrilled to kick off another fantastic Spring Book fair. Starting with the family shop on Saturday, May 19th, students and families will have the opportunity to shop for books in the YCS cafeteria to help nurture our students love of reading.

Below, please find the class shopping schedule.

Please note that each class will have 20-mins and that book prices start around $6 (inclusive of tax). Pre-K parents are welcome to stay after drop off and accompany their children to the book fair. All other students shop by themselves.

Bookfair Schedule

Get a Scholastic Book Fair eWallet!

This year, Scholastic is offering families a secure and cash-free way to shop the fair. Parents simply create a complimentary eWallet account and authorize a spending limit on their credit card. Parents will only be charged for what is purchased (up to the spending limit they selected). The pre-authorized amount will expire after the last day of the book fair. Simply click on THIS LINK to setup your account (btw, you can look up your teacher’s last name HERE…). If you have any questions, email Kathy at kathykasprak@aol.com.

Please CLICK HERE if you are interested in volunteering to make the event a success

We look forward to a great event!