YCS Proudly Opens New Library

The YCS Library has officially opened!  Students are now eagerly checking out library books and exploring new literary frontiers.  A special thank you to Suzanne Klein, a YCS parent, for all her time and energy in getting the library and computer system up to speed. Thanks also to Susan Shakarchy and our many volunteers: Ian Dow, Anna Seroff, Nissa Mitchell, Jen Pohlman, Heather Parsons, Jen O’Connell, Suzanne Klein, Melanie Gallucci, Margha Lowcock, Kaena Clark, Maria Mischel, Tricia Cooney, Alyssa Dwek, Nesli Ciner, Jenna Ward-Rosario, Latoya Johnson, Susan Sable, Nina Miller, Ruth Berghammer,Tammy Weinfeld and Fabrizio Franco