We Want Your Photos for the YCS Yearbook

Please help us fill the 2015-16 YCS Yearbook with lasting memories of learning and friendship by submitting your own photos. We want to see your favorite pictures of YCS students, staff, teacher and events from this school year.

We’d love to see your photos showing groups of YCS students, teachers and staff, either posed or candid, from around the school, in the classroom, in after school program etc.  We’d also love to see your pictures from class trips, events, guest speakers, dress-up days, and student performances.

Please follow the steps below to upload your photos.

1. CLICK HERE to access our Yearbookforever.com page

2. Enter “yearbook” (without quotes) as the access code

3. Select “Upload your photo”

4. Select “Yearbook Special Requests” as the category

5. Add a note explaining the photo (optional)

6. Enter your name and email and agree to the terms

7. Click “Submit Photos”