Update from Ms. Samantha – April 9, 2020

Dear Families,

As we shared Sunday evening, once we were able to receive more information from the Department of Education about plans for April 9-17 we would share that information with you. (Click here for the most recent update from the Chancellor.) We know this information is important to you as many of us prepare to celebrate upcoming holidays. Our intention is to provide choices for students that offer a balance of structure and more creative, interest-based learning.

Here are our plans for April 9-17:

  • We will pause our live interactive classes from Thursday, April 9th to Friday, April 10th.  The DOE has expressed a willingness to reconsider Zoom in the future if they can resolve safety and  privacy concerns. Now that we will continue with remote learning after April 20th, it is our hope to continue with the system that our staff and students already work within, but just in case, our staff will spend April  9-10th migrating to Google Meet and creating a plan for how to bring students and families into that virtual meeting space as seamlessly as possible.

  • Students will have fun projects and work to complete between April 9th and April 17th.  We will not be presenting students with new learning material.  This is a great time for students to catch up on missed assignments or work that they would like to revise. Should you feel like your child needs additional work, please visit the DOE website at  https://www.schools.nyc.gov/learn-at-home

  • Morning Meetings will be held during the usually scheduled times  April 13-17th. These meetings will give students an opportunity to say “Hello” before they start their daily Spring Break activities.

  • April 9-10 and 13-17 are considered school days. Please be sure that your child completes the daily attendance question in order to be marked “present” during this time, unless they are taking off for religious holidays or personal reasons, (these are not considered excused absences).

  • Related services including speech, counseling, etc. will continue from April 9- 17th.  Providers will maintain their current schedule and be in touch with students and families in the coming days to discuss how these video services will be provided through Google Meet. If you choose not to participate in services over the break, please email your provider, individually.

  • Teachers will respond to emails within 1-2 days.  All “office hours” are cancelled April 9-17th.

  • Some of our staff may be taking off for religious holidays or personal reasons.  We know you will respect this important time.

  • As a staff, we are preparing for “Phase 2” of remote learning.  We will provide families with any information that we receive as we are updated by the NYC DOE.

Thank you for the part each of you has played in keeping our YCS community strong.

We hope that you can take the upcoming Spring Break time to rest and recharge.

With gratitude,
Your YCS Family

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