Dear Friends and Family of YCS,

THANK YOU for making this year’s Spring Auction – and the YCS 10th Anniversary Celebration – the best one yet!  

As this is the tenth anniversary of the school’s founding, the Spring Auction this year was the perfect time to honor all of the passion, effort and long term commitment that has gone into creating and maintaining our wonderful community school despite diminishing DOE budgets. It is your very generous contributions that have and will yield enrichment hours and supplemental programs necessary for the best education and a truly unique environment for our children to flourish. Each family at YCS, from the founding years through today, brings forth an effort and sense of community that is unrivaled in the New York City Public School System.

The Spring Auction wouldn’t be possible without all of you – but I do want to give just a few specific shoutouts (and my sincere apologies if I’ve missed anyone!):

  • Thank you to our generous underwriters! Platinum Underwriters were The Bloom Family, The Caffarelli Family, The Groussman Family, The Healy/Charas Family, and The Hrobsky Family. The Gold Underwriters were The Fabe Family, The Lyons Family, and The Rojas Family. The Silver Underwriters were The Schnore, The Sebag Family, The Weinfeld Family and The White Family.
  • Thank you to everyone who set up on Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and helped clean up after the fact: The Clark/Bonnell Family, The Gutstein Family, Kristin Stephens, Heather Bloom, Ana Rojas, The Brannigan/Wright Family, Amanda Wells, Malee Sebag, Caitlin Sireci, Janet Schoepfer, Camaron Bar-Lev, Tricia Coney, Lizzie Martin, Paula Grady, Veronica Huerta, Al Smith, and Randi Dubno-Gardner.

  • Thank you to Sarina Appel and Fabrizio Franco for coordinating all of the food donations and food pick ups.
  • Thank you to Nancy Mark and Alison Dow who Managed the RSVPs.

  • Thank you to Amanda Wells for coordinating and organizing the first ever class baskets.

  • Thank you to the Bloom Family who alone collected 13 donations.

  • Thank you to Zinta Schnore who created the lovely Golden Raffle tickets.

  • Thank you to Amanda Wells, Alison Dow, Lizzie Martin, Serena Kappes and Kim Tyner for working Check-in.

  • Thank you to Gilda Duarte, Tricia Cooney, Junko & Todd Kaloudis, Leslie Fagin, Marina Berisha, and Wendy & William Finkel who worked the Mystery envelope / Wine Grab / 10th Anniversary T-shirt Table.

  • Thank you to Dana and Mike Bradley and Paula Grady for running the most amazing bar.

  • Thank you to Alison Dow and Janet Schoepfer for collecting and distributing those “dreaded” invoices (without which we would have no money to collect!).  And thank you again to Janet Schoepfer for sending out YCS thank you letters to all the amazing donors.

  • Thank you to Ms. Camaron who made the delicious cookies and Ms. Christie who baked the amazing three-tiered 10th Anniversary cake.

  • Thank you to Josh Bar-Lev for the student video that made everyone laugh and cry.
  • Thank you to Paul Ashley for updating the website and getting email blasts out about the auction and auction items, and to Elizabeth Kim, Melissa Arundal and Michele Priano for the amazing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter updates.
  • A BIG thank you to all the teachers, administrators and staff that take our children on the highly sought after experiences – and to Sammy, Sammy Jr and Mahamed for the before, during and after.
  • Thank you to the decorating team lead by Kaena Clark and Allison Gutstein, whose ideas blow me away every year, for transforming our cafeteria every year with hand crafted decorations by our students. Also to the class parents who assisted in making the candles in the classroom.
  • A special thank you to Victoria Brannigan for doing this with me. Another specific shout out to Alison Dow who I ran every single idea by.

Thank you again on behalf of YCS for another great year of thoughtful support!

YCS Auction Co-Chair,
Kate Hrobsky