Here are a few ways to show that support the Auction.   



YCS Auction will be Saturday, May 13th, 2023


7-11pm YCS CAFÉ




Get Donations:

Help us build the inventory of auction items. 

If every family was able to provide ONE item to be donated, it 

would make an enormous difference.


Soliciting is simple!  

Popular items include restaurant gift cards, exercise classes, 

food and wine, sporting, and entertainment tickets 

and any other special experiences 

you can think of.  


Below are links to donation forms and letters. 

 YCS Auction Donation Form.   YCS Auction Cover Letter


What does that mean? It means asking someone or a business you know to donate something that can be auctioned off.   It is advertising and tax deductible for them.  Businesses everywhere are happy to gain more customers and are often happy to help local public schools. Reach out to where you have hosted birthday parties or to where your child has participated in activities?   


How can I do this?    

  • Think of experiences you and your family would enjoy. 
    • a cooking class, after school activities and birthday party locations.
  • Think of the brands, stores, restaurants that you love and want to support or already support. 
    • What are the resources you know other parents could benefit from?
  • Popular items can include:
    • restaurant gift cards, exercise classes, food and wine, sporting, and e

entertainment tickets

  • any other special experiences you can think of – nothing is too small.
  • Is there something you can offer? 
    • Coaching, Development, Tutoring, Design Skills, Calligraphy, Printing, Painting, Private Lessons, are you a stylists? Do you cut hair? At home items, Meals


Please email the link to possible donors or take a form with you the next time you go out to eat, take a class or shop. 

Show your favorite spots how much you love them and want to help them to gain a larger audience!

It doesn’t hurt to ask!  You’d be surprised at how appreciative businesses would be that you thought of them.  We are helping them advertise their business in return for them helping our school by donating an item or experience. Remind them that their participation isuj tax deductible for them.


Please feel free to contact us if you have a question, an idea or a donation, please email us auctions@yorkvillecommunityschool.org


We look forward to seeing you at another great YCS event.


Thank you again for your continued support, 

we couldn’t do it without you.



Tickets can be purchased here.