Yorkville Community School
Parent Teacher Association

PTA Mission Statement

The Yorkville Community School PTA strives to be an inclusive organization with a belief in the intrinsic value of diversity. Its mission is to ..

  • Support the best possible learning environment for the YCS children to ensure that they all have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. Working toward this goal, YCS PTA strives to…
  • Support our educators to outline and prioritize the highest advantages available today in all social, mental, and physical aspects of an elementary school education.
  • Sponsor and fund educational opportunities needed to supplement existing Department of Education programs in order to reach an ideal learning environment.
  • Advocate the well-being of the YCS children by representing their needs to governing bodies.
  • Connect with the surrounding community to foster a positive environment to achieve the health, safety and success for all our children.

September 2021

Dear Yorkville Community School Family,

We are looking forward to welcoming returning and new families back from summer to another amazing school year. The success of our school over the last ten years can be attributed to the strong leadership and vision of our principal Samantha Kaplan, our dedicated teachers, our excellent staff, and of course our active parent body.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), largely comprised of parent volunteers from the school community, strives to be an inclusive organization with a belief in the intrinsic value of diversity. Its mission is to support the best possible learning environment for the children of Yorkville Community School (YCS), in order to ensure that they all have the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. All parents or guardians of any students at YCS are automatically members of the PTA. There are no special membership forms to complete, and ALL members have a voice and voting rights.

The PTA provides support to the principal and staff, advocates for the well-being of all YCS children, builds community, and assists the school in fundraising activities to provide supplemental educational programs and activities to further enhance the school curriculum. All PTA members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings to stay current with our many initiatives and to connect with other parents within the YCS community. This year the PTA has provided each YCS student with this “Keepsake Calendar”. We have included a copy of the YCS Family Handbook with important information for you to review and reference the entire school year. Each month, we hope you and your child will look forward to and enjoy completing the information under the “About Me and Around Me” sections. We have also included many interesting and educational Trivia Questions and Fun Facts each month. Plenty of space has been provided for your child to personalize the calendar with their artwork and drawings. There is also a monthly calendar with important school holidays, meetings and events. At the end of the school year, we hope you end up with a Keepsake which shows the growth of your child that you can keep for the ages.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the start of the new school year. We look forward to making this the best year yet as we continue to support and grow YCS. We encourage you to regularly visit our website, www.yorkvillecommunityschool.org, to watch for our PTA e-blasts each Friday, and to check your child’s backpack for important PTA information sent home throughout the school year.  If you have any questions or suggestions or are interested in learning how you can become involved in the PTA, please contact us at pta@yorkvillecommunityschool.org. We look forward to your participation as we continue to build a strong and supportive school community for our children.

Thank you,

  Nancy Mark                        Kate Hrobsky
PTA Co-President              PTA Co-President