Principal’s Update 8/1

August 1, 2020


Good Afternoon YCS Families:

Please take a moment to read through this School Reopening Update from our Principal Ms. Samantha.

We understand that families need as much information as possible to make well thought out decisions. As shared in my last update on July 28th,  our planning process is constantly evolving. We are tasked with selecting a Blended learning Model by August 14th based on the numbers of students and staff we can accommodate in a classroom while maintaining 6 feet of distance around them. Below, we have provided information to help guide you during this challenging time.

Knowns and Unknowns for Fall 2020


  • School starts in September

  • Remote learning will be expected (all-remote or some-remote)

  • Key preventative steps will be taken:

    • Physical distancing

    • Hand washing/sanitizing

    • Mask wearing- Face coverings must be worn at all times except while eating or drinking.

    • Surface cleaning (doorknobs, faucets, etc)

  • Schools will receive masks and cleaning supplies from Central DoE

  • Students will be in cohorts

  • Students who are not receiving in-person instruction on a given day can pick up lunch from their home school or an identified school building near their home.

  • Access to the building, by visitors, will be extremely limited.

  • All adults must follow all health and safety protocols, including visitor health screening upon arrival, physical distancing, and use of face coverings.


  • Exact start and holiday dates

  • School day times

  • Daily schedules for students and teachers- Remote and Blended

  • Method of screening when entering school

  • Personnel teaching online only or in the building.

  • Lunch, arrival, and dismissal procedures

  • Supply lists

General Guidance from City and State

  1. Choose one of two basic programming models for YCS based on staff, students, and space.

  2. Choose one of two online platforms, learning management systems (LMS): iLearnNYC, or Google Classroom

  3. Plan for high-quality schooling whether students are in-building or online.

  4. Be flexible.

General YCS Guiding Principles

Our planning prioritizes the following:

  1. Increased safety measures, and decreased cohort exposures.

  2. Move between “classroom and remote” seamlessly.

  3. Schedules prioritize academics, safety, and consistency over convenience.

Chancellor’s Programming Model #1

  1. Chancellor’s Programming Model #2

Key DIfferences between the Two Models

Model 1 (a and b)

  • 2 in-building cohorts, each one is in-building 2 days every week

  • Plus, alternate which cohort attends every Monday

  • Total 2 or 3 days in-building each week per cohort

Model 2

  • 3 in-building cohorts, each one is in-building 1 day per week

  • Plus, alternate which cohort attends every Monday & Tuesday

  • Total 1 or 2 days in-building each week per cohort

How Do We Decide Which Model?

The final decision is based on three things:

  1. How many students stay all-remote.

  2. How many staff stay all-remote/file for an accommodation.

  3. How many rooms we can safely utilize.

What’s Next?

  1. Complete the Chancellor’s Learning Preference Survey if you plan to stay all-remote in September. Deadline is Aug. 7- after August 7 you can still opt into 100% Remote Learning, but will not be able to opt into Blended Learning, (part in school/remote)  until set time periods throughout the year,  to be determined by the DOE.

  2. Our plans depend on the number of students and staff returning to school.

  3. YCS Reopening Teams will continue planning for fall.

  4. Ensure a computer and internet access for school-age children-  When we do our surveys, tell us your needs so we can help solve these problems.

  5. If you receive a survey from YCS, please complete it.  We use the information to make decisions that directly affect students and families – such as access to tech.