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Consistent communication between school and home contributes to a student’s success in school. There are multiple ways for you to receive important information from our school as well as communicate with YCS.

  • During the first days of school, teachers will send a letter of introduction home that will include routines, plans, etc.
  • Take-Home Folders– Each student has a take home folder. Please check this folder EVERY DAY
  • Adventures, our monthly school newsletter, will be sent home to share information about the curriculum, upcoming events (field trips, celebrations of learning).
  • Emails are sent regarding ongoing announcements and upcoming events
  • School Messenger
  • School Website- yorkvillecommunityschool.org
  • Class Parents
  • Any parent questions/notifications should be written in a letter to their teacher. If a conference is requested, parents are asked to please provide teachers with a note regarding the topic and three available days/times for a meeting. Every Tuesday, from 8:00-8:20am, teachers will be available to meet, (scheduled meeting required), as well as additional times, as per agreement with teacher.
  • Family Friday
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • NYC Schools Account
  • Report Cards
  • Easels and bulletin boards in Main and West Lobbies


Communication with Classroom Teachers

It is our goal that teachers use their instructional and daily planning time to work with students and design lesson plans. We do not want our teachers consumed with emails; therefore we discourage this form of communication during school hours and/or after hours. If you have a question regarding school work, homework, your child’s development, etc., please write a note to your child’s teacher and put it in their

Take-Home Folder. In a case of an emergency, please call the Main Office and leave a message for the teacher and they will contact you.

  • Meeting with your child’s teacher– Every Tuesday, from 8:00-8:20am, teachers will be available to meet, (scheduled meeting required), as well as additional times, as per agreement with teacher. During these meetings you can discuss ways to support your child’s academic and social development.

Family Friday (Due to covid-19 these are not possible)

Family Fridays are held the last Friday of every month, 8:20-9:05am. We alternate family Fridays every month in a K-2, 3-5 rotation) They are an opportunity for your students to share what they are doing in class, with their family members. Families are invited into the classroom for a 45 minute visit, This is an interactive time between students and family, developed to share our curriculum and instructional philosophies. We will take these opportunities to share with families our daily practice, the constructivist teaching method through units of study, developing emotional IQ, and YCS Core Values and how to support your children at home. Dates and times subject to change.

NYC Schools Account

NYC School Account is a secure online location where you can find your child’s daily attendance, report card grades, test results, and other information. If you need to create an account, please contact our Parent Coordinator.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled in November and March. At these individual conferences, parents discuss their child’s academic and social progress with the teacher. Teachers are also available to meet every Tuesday from 8:00-8:40am (virtual due to covid-19),during Parent Engagement time. Please send a note requesting an appointment with your child’s teacher. During Parent-Teacher conferences, your child’s teacher(s) will:

  • Speak with you about your child’s strengths and growth areas.
  • Provide strategies that can be used at home to help your child meet instructional goals this year.
  • Discuss the YCS Curriculum and review Assessments used to measure student progress.

Report Cards

Students will receive progress reports in December, March and June. The information provided in our Report Cards supports our belief that collaboration and dialogue between school and families is critical in supporting the academic, social, emotional and physical development of our students. Our report cards are closely aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards, measuring skills and knowledge needed for college and career readiness. The Standards based scale is used to support your child’s academic and social growth by providing you with grades that best reflect your child’s ability. Grading is based on formal and informal assessments that are implemented on a daily basis. As you read your child’s report card, please keep in mind that it is meant to be one of many tools used to support and track your child’s development. Our students are graded using an on-track system, students being on-track toward meeting the CCLS and/or relevant content standards by the end of the year. Each child is evaluated as an individual, not in comparison to another child.


Many different languages are represented at our school. It is not possible to translate newsletters and other publications into all of these languages. Therefore, our staff will make an effort to reach out individually to families who might need assistance in understanding school communication. Please contact the Main Office.


All parents are automatically members of the PTA and are welcome to all General Membership meetings once a month. The Parent Association/Parent Teacher Association will work to support teachers and families at our school. Additionally, the PA/PTA serves as a liaison between parents and the school administration. They provide tools and information to help parents become active participants in their child’s education and the school community.

School Leadership Team

The New York State legislature mandates that all NYC Public Schools have a School Leadership Team in place by October of each school year. The SLT is made up of 50% parents and 50% staff. The Principal, PTA president and UFT Rep (or designees) are automatically on the team; other members are elected by their constituencies at a meeting held for that purpose. The SLT is a place where parents, administrators and staff members have an opportunity to communicate regularly and share ideas.

     WHO and HOW?


Contact How?
Scholastic Progress Teacher

Write a note stating your concern and a good time to reach you.

In an emergency, call 212-722-5240

Well Being/

Emotional Development

Guidance Counselor


Note/ Phone message


Related Services

Related Service Provider

Guidance Counselor

School Psychologist

Social Worker

Note/ Phone message


School Matters

DOE Policies and Procedures

YCS Policies and Procedures

Parent Coordinator-Christie Falciani

School Secretary-Annette Ortiz

Class Parents

Principal-Samantha Kaplan

Assistant Principal - Jennifer Belfi

Call, email, note



PTA Matters PTA

Call, email, note in PTA mailbox


Absences and lateness


Main Office

Parent Coordinator

School Secretary

After school programs


Big Apple Sports


92nd St Y