Nov. 3: Early Dismissal for Parent Teacher Conferences

Please note that students will be dismissed from school at 11:45am tomorrow to accommodate parent teacher conferences in the afternoon.

Below, please find information from our After School and Enrichment Program partners regarding tomorrow’s activities.

Chess Fun Tournament Day

Chess play and instruction threaded through the day with other fun activities like outdoor sports play, art projects, pizza lunch and ice cream! The fun starts right after school in the cafeteria and pick up is at 5:00.  Please click here to register and use coupon code “rtaxman10” to save 10%.

Wingspan: Ice Skating

Wingspan will be picking up from school and going on an ice skating adventure in Bryant Park. For further information and to register click here.

Big Apple Youth Sports 

Business as usual!  After school programs will run at regularly scheduled times:  please meet us in the cafeteria at 2:45pm and dismissal will be at the standard time, between 5 and 6 in the cafeteria.

Thank you.