First Read-a-Thon Is a Success!

Our First Read-a-Thon Is a Success! Over $20,000 raised!
Our teachers conducted daily timed reading sessions. Our kids wracked up hours of outside reading time on their reading logs. And friends and family all over the world cheered our kids on in their reading goals by making thousands of dollars of donations to our school through the Read-a-Thon!
If your child raised money, they also earned prizes online. To redeem prizes, kids must go online to make their selections BEFORE APRIL 20! All prizes will be shipped to the school for distribution soon afterward.
We’d love to give a hearty round of applause to our AWESOME READERS, supportive parents who helped set up fundraising pages, and the countless loved ones who cared enough to say “Reading is important!” by their support. We also want to thank our hard-working teachers who promoted the event and encouraged their kids to stretch themselves by reading more. Extra special thanks go out to Mary Giles who organized this wonderful Read-A-Thon for YCS and to Christie Falciani and Ana Guha who provided on-the-ground help during the critical setup phase of the event!