YCS is proud to have been honored as a Showcase School for  four years in a row, 2015-2019. We have been selected to showcase and share with other educators across the city how we Design Cross-Curricular Thematic Units of Study. Our themetic units of study provide our students with continuous opportunities to participate in whole class discussions and investigations that encourage verbal and written communication, collaborative studies, and student directed research. We focus on the vertical alignment of curriculum from kindergarten through fifth grade in order to deepen content knowledge and promote student ownership over the learning process.

What is a Showcase School? The Showcase Schools Program was designed by the NYC Department of Education to promote the collaboration and sharing of strong practices. Schools that excel in a specific learning focus area host educators from other schools to share their successful structures and strategies, and discuss the path they took to develop those structures and strategies. A Showcase School hosts three learning focus tours for educators from other schools. With tailored support and guidance from the DOE Office of Interschool Collaborative Learning, the Showcase Schools will build their own capacity to share strong practices and plan to execute learning focus tours.

During our showcase, visitors learn how YCS designs thematic units to ensure academic and social success, and see evidence of learning throughout the school. We share how to design cross-curricular units of study that make content more accessible and provide multiple entry points for all students. At the end of the day, educators will have the opportunity to plan how this practice could be incorporated into their own work.

See our NYC Department of Education School Quality report by clicking here.

Awards and Accolades

Council of School Supervisors & Administrators, February 2019 Issue
"NYC Elementary School Sharing New Teaching Tools"
Showcase School - 2015 to present
Blackboard Award 2010 - New and Noteworthy School
Blackboard Award 2017 - Outstanding School
New York State Assembly Citation - April 2010
Otty Award 2010 - Principal Samantha Kaplan featured in Our Town, February 2010
"From the Ground Up, Guided by Rigor and Create Kaplan Launches a New School"
Principal of the Week/DNA Info - March 2012, October 2015
Recipient of NY CIty Council CASA Grant - 2009 to Present
YCS is named a Literary Landmark by the United for Libraries organization - May 2014