Enrichment Programs

We have developed partnerships with several Community Based Organizations that will enrich our academic curriculum. Each enrichment program with which we have partnered provides a trained, lead teacher to work with our students. Classroom teachers will work with partnership teachers to aide with instruction and management. Our Enrichment partnerships, with highly esteemed community based organizations, provide our children opportunities to explore and acquire interests and knowledge that they may not otherwise obtain. These PTA supported programs provide a supportive environment for children to explore, create and gives voice and action to the inner being of a child

Asphalt Green: www.asphaltgreen.org

Recess Enhancement Program (REP)
Monday-Friday (Daily)
REP transforms the culture of recess by engaging students and staff in a variety of cooperative games. The program creates a safe environment where children can have fun and be physically active while maintaining a sense of independence and ownership of the recess period. In addition to physical benefits, REP also helps children develop leadership and social skills by empowering them to lead and teach games to their peers. The end result is an educated community of students who utilize the entire recess period to play games they love that keep them physically active and safe on the playground.

92nd Street Y www.92y.org
Yorkville Community School and The 92nd St Y work side-by-side to design programs that offer our students developmentally appropriate and Common Core State Standard aligned, highly engaging enrichment.

1st Grade Program: Art Exploration with 3D Design- 21 Session
2nd Grade Program: Musical Introduction — 12 In School Sessions/ 4 Concerts @ the Y
3rd Grade Program: 2D & 3D Digital Design-21 Sessions

NYC Chess: www.chessnyc.com
All Grades 

NYC Chess will provide in school chess lessons and strategy building to our students, once a week. Children will receive progressive instruction that will leave each of them with a working knowledge of the game; they will be well prepared to play and enjoy the game.

New York Historical Society: http://www.nyhistory.org
Varied Grades

How does geography shape history? Over the course of the year students use a combination of maps, authentic touch objects and images of works of art and artifacts from the New-York Historical Society’s collection to learn how the geography of an area can define a community, and how a community can change the geography of a place over time.

Constitution Works
5th Grade

The Constitution Works is a civic education program designed to reconnect young people with our country’s democratic principles and practices.

Art Specialist
Pre-K and K

Our Art Specialist provides K and Pre-K students with the time, materials and permission to explore their own creativity.