Changes to the Family Friday Schedule

In order to accommodate our families with multiple aged children, we are excited to announce our NEW Family Friday dates.

Grades K-1 along with Class 303 will alternate every other month with Grades 2-3-4:

Date Grades
09/27/13 Grades K-1, Class 303
10/25/13 Grades 2,3,4
11/22/13 Grades K-1, Class 303
12/20/13 Grades 2,3,4
01/31/14 Grades K-1, Class 303
02/28/14 Grades 2,3,4
03/28/14 Grades K-1, Class 303
04/25/14 Grades 2,3,4
05/30/14 Grades K-1, Class 303


Family Friday is an interactive time between students and family. This is a great opportunity for you to visit your child’s class and participate in their learning experiences.

*Please remember that space is limited within the classroom. We ask that you limit the number of people who attend to no more than two per family. As a courtesy to our students and families we ask that if you must bring a sibling, they are fully supervised for the entire duration of Family Friday.