Barnes and Noble bookfair online until Saturday 12/20

Our B&N book fair is still going for online shopping until Saturday 12/20. Every online purchase can benefit YCS just by using our book fair code 11395233 during check-out (bottom of the “Payment” page) Please share the code with friends, family, colleagues and neighbors.
Our YCS Barnes and Noble story hour and in-store book fair on Saturday, 12/13 was a big success! A huge crowd of YCS families joined us for wonderful stories shared by our awesome teachers. We had books, songs and crafts and a great time!
Big Thanks for making this wonderful event happen to:
  • Our teachers who gave up their Saturday afternoon to share their favorite stories: Mr. Martin, Ms. Nickie and her sister, Ms. Rachel, Ms. Laura, Mr. Aaron, Ms Jessica, Ms Camaron and her husband
  • Lauren who rocked the house with her great musical performance!
  • Our story hour helpers and our talented gift-wrapping crew: Heather Parsons and her mom, Amanda Wells, Nancy Zafrani, Linda Greenblatt, Nancy Mark, Serena Kappes, Tricia Cooney, Ellen Kombiyill, Estella Natal, Pema Sommer, Alessia Seroff and her friend, Dana Bradley, Umran Ozman, Adeleh Nassri, Anita Kurti, Vicki Sheehy. Sheila Gonzales-Liffey, David Weiss, Nancy Martin
  • Christie and Annette, who helped sign-up and organize the teachers
  • Kaena and Alison who planned, prepared the wonderful, book-themed arts and crafts stations
  • Ruth and Nesli, the organizers
  • the kind people from Barnes &Noble who made us feel welcome.