Education Council Information

Thank you for your interest in the Education Council! Your support is needed to keep NYC DOE schools well-funded, functional, and adaptable to the challenges of serving different communities. Please view the documents below to learn more about what the education council is and how to get involved. (more will be added in the future, so check back soon for more info) Campaign Info Session  Run for a seat on an Education Council Campaign Info Session Beginning 2/1 – D75

Winter Blast

Please join us for the 4th Annual Winter Blast on Jan 21st from 11am-1pm in the Cafeteria. Activities include Cookie Decorating, Board Games, Crafts and more!!! Admission is $5 per person.   Vaccination proof required at the door.

Safety Protocols

Dear YCS Families, I am writing to provide you with information about the Department of Education’s Emergency Readiness Initiatives that are in place in all NYC Public Schools. Every School currently has procedures for emergencies. In 2000, New York State Education Law Section 2801 was enacted requiring schools to develop safety plans regarding emergency response. In July of 2001, the law was amended to require that plans include information for evacuation and sheltering. In accordance with this, “schools need to conduct drills and other exercises to test components of the emergency response plan.” School staff members are trained in various procedures that are outlined in the School Safety Plan and we currently conduct a variety of drills throughout the year to prepare our staff and students. Section 807 of the New York State Education Law requires all schools to conduct …