Auction Items You Can Help Us Obtain Over The Summer

As you know, this year’s Spring Auction was a great success. In order to ensure that next year’s event (which is scheduled to be held on May 2, 2015) is even more successful we would like to enlist your help in soliciting donations this summer.

If your child is attending camp this summer, or you are going away on vacation to a hotel or resort please consider asking for a donation on behalf of the school. These organizations love to donate to school auctions, it is great marketing for them and opens them up to whole new client base, so do not be shy to ask, everyone wins!  Camp donations, Class Vouchers, Hotel and Vacation Donations, as well as Restaurant Vouchers are all high value auction items.

YCS will auction the items providing funds for our enrichment programs, while the business will obtain exposure in our catalog, website, and obtain new clients, a win-win situation!

Please click on the link below to download YCS PTA 2014-2015 Auction Donation Form. YCS Auction Donation Form