School Tours

Updated August 18, 2022

As of 8/22

Thank you for your interest in PS 151/Yorkville Community School!

Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the need for social distancing in our schools, there will be no in-person tours this school year. In lieu of the in-person tours, we will be offering prospective families a virtual tour. These tours will be offered on the following dates:

1/17/23 @ 7:30 PM

3/14/23 @ 7:30 PM

If you would like to register for one of these dates please email  with your preferred date.

Please note that YCS is a zoned school. Spaces are limited and we must give priority to families that reside in our zone and have a child entering YCS in September 2022. If you need to check which school your child is zoned for, go to and enter your address under “School Search”.

Thank you!
Christie Falciani – Parent Coordinator