About P.S. 151

Yorkville Community School is a neighborhood elementary school that opened on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in September 2009. We opened our doors with four kindergarten classes, and have been adding a new grade each year. Our school is located in a neighborhood that is rich with cultural institutions, parks, historic landmarks, family run businesses and community based organizations. We pride ourselves in the relationships that we have been developing with these organizations and community businesses in order to meet the needs of our students. Each unit of study is enhanced by the meaningful connections that these amazing neighborhood sites provide our students, within and outside the classroom.

YCS Core Values:

Honesty: Members of the YCS community are truthful and act with integrity and honor.

Responsibility: Members of the YCS community are reliable and hold themselves and others accountable for their actions.

Respect: Members of the YCS community acknowledge the intrinsic value of all people. We act with tolerance, courtesy, and thoughtful regard for all persons, for property, for the environment, and for ourselves.

Kindness: Members of the YCS community exhibit caring and compassionate behavior in all aspects of daily life. By our positive example, we encourage kind behavior in others.

See our NYC Department of Education School Quality report by clicking here.