Book Fair Update

Dear YCS Families,

A BIG THANK YOU to all YCS families for their enthusiastic participation and contribution to our Fall 2012 Book Fair- “Get Ready to Read”.   You have helped achieve our mission of enhancing the enjoyment of books in our school community by:
  • Buying 660 books worth $6500 (a 17% increase of total sales over 2011)
  • Donating 293 books to our children’s classrooms
  • Securing $3900 in Scholastic Dollars, available to our school for buying educational resources such as audio-visual equipment, classroom furniture, beanbags, rugs etc. for creating cozy corners for our students to enjoy reading
  • Participating in the Literacy Development Workshop to support your children at home
A special thank you goes out to Samantha Kaplan, Martin Woodard, Tara Torre and Sindy Weisinger for providing their insight and expertise at our parent workshop titled “Literacy Development: Tips, Tricks and Techniques”

We’d also like to thank Aimee Friedman (aka Ruth Ames), for the wonderful time spent with our 3rd grade class reading from her book, “At First Bite” and answering a myriad of questions about the writing process.

And last but not the least, an event of this undertaking could not have been possible without the many volunteers who contributed their time – creating fliers, setting up, processing wish lists, cashiering, serving as translators and offering suggestions and ideas for improvement.  Our special thanks to our Book Fair Committee Members (in alphabetical order) for their tireless efforts in hosting this fundraiser.

Ruth Berghammer          Kerri Cavanagh          Laura Chavis
Nesli Ciner                      Maggie Daqui            Ian Dow
Randi Dubno                  Tanja Djuricic             Evgenia Egay
Heather Ettinger             Monali Fatterpekon    Antonio Fazzalani
Karen Fighera                Natalie Friedman        Jodi Gorenstein
Edita Gruda                    Kunihiko Homma        Kathy Kasparak
Tracy Ketrow                  Julie Kim                    Susanne Klein
Sonali Jasuja                  Michelle Levitt            Chris Miller
Maria Mischel                 Estella Natal               Jennifer O’Connell
Jennifer Pohlman           Manjari Purohit            Natasha Razamat
Gillian Reinhard              Nancy Silverman        Jennifer Steinfink
Fatima Stevenson           Kim Tyner                   Mary Yuen
Jane Zennario

THANK YOU ALL and see you again at our SPRING 2013 BOOK FAIR !!

Maria Mischel and Manjari Purohit
YCS Book Fair Co-Chairs